Located on the stunning Hook Peninsula in Co. Wexford, Loftus Hall has so much to offer for People of all ages and interests.  


The Guided Tour


Take a 45 minute guided tour of the ground floor of Loftus Hall and experience a

re-enactment of the tale of the dark stranger that visited the hall all those years ago.

Our guides will take you back in time to discover the troubled yet intriguing history of

Loftus Hall through the ages along with the long told legends that still live on today. 


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The Walled Garden


Since Spring 2016, the 5 acres of walled gardens at Loftus Hall have undergone a massive restoration. From the overgrown tangle that had not been cared for in many years, we now have a beautiful space to be explored and enjoyed by all.

Four areas of the gardens have been completely revamped with extensive planting of box hedging in the parterre garden, A beautifully designed walk through the shrubbery, a bright and busy herbaceous border and the completion of Queen Victoria’s garden to the front of Loftus Hall, it is truly a sight to behold!